Top 4 Productivity Tools Recommendations

I have a secret obsession with productivity tools. Maybe because I’m a little web developer at heart. Maybe because I trained as an engineer and geek out ways to get things done quicker. I spend most of my (work) day on my laptop – if I could shave off a click or a second by using a short key, I would.

I also like sharing my tips – especially when I’m lucky enough to get a “A-HA” moment in return.

This blog post has some of my favorite productivity tools. I hope you’ll find them useful.

My Favorite Productivity Tools

1. Screenshot with Lightshot

If you are using a Mac, you may be using the default `Command + Shift + 4` on Mac to create a screenshot. This saves the screenshot into a folder where you have to drag and drop it into different applications. 

With Lightshot, you can create your own shortcut of creating a screenshot (I use `Command + Shift + E`).

You can annotate within your own cropped screenshot. For example, adding colored lines / boxes to highlight certain sections.

But the biggest benefit of using Lighshot is that you can copy and paste that screenshot directly into applications (with Command C and V), including GDocs and Slack. This saves a tonne of time of not needing to save, search, drag and drop.

Example of copying and pasting a screenshot in WordPress.

2. Supercharge Copy and Paste with Clipy

We all are fluent in Command + C and Command + V.

Clipy allows you to 100x better by saving all your previous copies. You can then ‘fish’ them out in order.

My recommendation is to set your shortcut to be Command + Shift + V to show your previous copies, so you will not forget.

The best use case for me was multiple URLs, like SFDC records. You now can copy then paste a number of them with only switching window once.

Clipy screenshot to show how it stores previous copied link

3. Organize your Windows with Better Snap Tool

I like to keep my laptop and windows organized.

Better Snap Tool is a tool to organize your windows, either on the laptop display or external monitor.

Apart from the usual 50/50 split screen, my favorites is to split my wide-screen monitor into thirds.

  1. For Zoom calls – zoom in the middle third and two reference windows on either side.
  2. For spreadsheet work – 2/3 for the spreadsheet and 1/3 for something else.

Note – this is a paid tool and there are plenty of alternatives. The good ones cost money!

An explainer image from an alternative called Magnet for Mac

4. Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome is my #1 window, spending most of the time in browser-based applications.

I wish I know all the Chrome shortcuts by heart, but it does take time and effort to memorize and practice.

Here are my favourites:

  • Command + number to switch tabs. For example, Command+1 will switch to your first tab, Command+2 will switch to your second tab, and so on. However, Command+9 will always switch to your last one.
  • Command+W to close a tab
  • Command+T to open a new tab
  • Command+Shift+T to reopen a tab
  • Command+l to go to the address bar
  • and to create a google doc

And of course, all the other Chrome keyboard shortcuts are just a click away.

That’s all my recommend productivity tools tips and tricks.

What are your favourites? Let me know via Linkedin!