Website 6-month Progress

I started writing and posting on this website when the pandemic hit in April 2020.

Fast forward 6 months and it’s suddenly October. Hashtag 2020.

In my very first post, Why Start a Website, I wrote that I want the website to achieve three things:

  1. Organize my thoughts in a structured way
  2. Get better in writing
  3. Rank high on SERP to represent me as a digital marketer

#1 and #2 will need to be graded subjectively. My wife passes me on both.

#3 can be graded more objectively. is now ranking #2 for the search term “rodolfo yiu”, just behind my Linkedin profile. So another pass!

SERP for the search term “rodolfo yiu”

Putting that aside, I want to share in this post some of the more unplanned achievements from this website…

1. There are more people than expected coming to my site

My expectations were pretty low to begin with. Perhaps hoping for 10 users a week?

In the last few weeks, I had 40+ users/week coming to my site with 90%+ new users. I’m also surprised 60%+ of users coming in Direct and the rest Organic. 🤔

Total Traffic of from April to October 2020

2. CTAs work

In almost every post, I asked the reader to add me on Linkedin if they found the content interesting.

Surprisingly, my most popular post “Review: Prof G Strategy Sprint” led to three people adding me on Linkedin, out of the blue.

Example Linkedin Message from the post

It was clear that SEO plays a significant role in that post’s distribution as it is ranking #3 on search term “prof g strategy sprint review”.

More about CTAs…

I have inserted Amazon Affiliate links in the book recommendation, and they have generated $1.36!

3. Lastly, writing is helping me to think clearly

Writing is certainly more of an art than science. And it’s an art that I’m not particularly good at!

Writing continuously challenges me to think from the reader’s point-of-view. It pushes me to use the simplest language possible to articulate my points and tell a story coherently and concisely.

The challenges are not easy for a writing rookie like me and that’s why I am taking a class called “writing with flair” to try to improve writing.

Wish me luck, and until next time!