First Post: Why Start a Website?

Why Start a Website?

I’ve tried to answer this question, myself, on a number of occasions.

It’s actually not the first time I’ve written for a blog or even paid for this domain. Consistently writing has never really ‘stuck’ despite having a range of topics and ideas (alongside with my partner, Jessica) I’ve wanted to write more about.

Over the last couple of months, many of these topics have come up with friends and family. Adding some pressure to wanting somewhere to document our thoughts outside of iMessage threads and with a bit more posterity.

In 2020, my friends, Andy and James, bought the domain for my birthday. Now that I feel particularly motivated to write, why not start now on my website!

As a digital marketer, I’m also curious about what the internet has to say about me; the search result. Most of the time, top 1 SERP is my LinkedIn profile. Is it a good description of myself? Should I try to control the narrative? Should I even care about my internet presence at all?

I don’t have solid answers to those questions, but I do know that a big part of bettering myself is getting my thoughts down on paper, reflecting on them, and generally getting more practice in creative channels. A website can help with all of the above.

General Guidelines

  • Thoughts are our own.
  • Topics are likely to cover a wide variety of topics, from digital marketing and work to my personal life.
  • Excuse my grammar. I’m not a big writer and I like to write about complicated subjects.
  • If you like a post, do let me know via Linkedin or Instagram. I’ll appreciate the feedback.