about me

Hello, I’m Rodolfo, and I work in Marketing at Recharge Payments.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have always had an urge to travel and expose myself to the world. I have traveled to 30+ countries, lived/worked in the UK and Australia and now am now located in San Francisco with my family.

Marketing is my trade – and I love it!

It is the intersection between business, creativity and technology. Working in SaaS gives me a front-row seat to the latest technology in marketing, and in the industry I’m marketing to.

Of all of the sub-disciplines within marketing, I enjoy revenue marketing the most, because it is probably the most scalable way to grow a business. I am also fascinated by the combination of art and science – art being the human psychology; science being the technical and analytical nature to drive precision and discipline to deploy capital/resources.

How did I get here? After completing my undergrad in engineering, I worked at Philips marketing consumer goods – from design and manufacturing, logistics and distribution, to promotion and sales.

After taking a year off to learn how to fly a plane in Australia, I founded a sports/event management company called Bubble Soccer. Delving into entrepreneurship helped me find my ‘hustle’ and gave me many ‘first’ business experiences, including managing a team, working a 100-hour work week, negotiating and winning deals, and navigating the ultimate sale of my stake of the business.

My next step was moving to the US and enrolling in an MBA program in San Francisco. From there, I’ve landed where I am today and the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds and latest technologies in marketing in Silicon Valley.

This website is a creative space to organize my thoughts in B2B marketing and beyond. If you like what you read, subscribe, add me or send me a message on Linkedin.